Vedic Mathematics Course (Advanced Level)
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Vedic Mathematics Course (Advanced Level)

Advance Vedic Math. Solve Linear, Quad & Cubic equations instantly. Division w/o dividing & factorization etc. mentally

Instructor: Ruchi ChhabraLanguage: English

About The Course

What is Vedic Math?

Vedic Mathematics is the name given to the ancient system of Indian Mathematics which was rediscovered from the Vedas between 1911 and 1918 by Sri Bharati Krsna Tirthaji (1884-1960). The system is based on 16 Sutras and 13 sub-sutras derived from Atharva Veda. Mathematical Sutras provide simple, straightforward alternates to calculate, the otherwise cumbersome and complicated calculations.

Vedic Math is one of the ancient and the most effective method to learn math in the easiest way possible. It has plenty of benefits in store for every person willing to master this method.

One very important feature of the Vedic system is that once an arithmetic method has been mastered the same method can be applied to algebraic cases of that type - the beautiful coherence between arithmetic and algebra is clearly manifested in the Vedic system. Vedic Mathematics, or simply Vedic Math, finds its applications not only in arithmetic but also in algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, and applied mathematics.


About This Course

This course has 36 lectures spanning 4+ hours of on-demand videos that are divided into 11 sections. Each topic is explained extensively - by solving multiple questions along with the student during the lectures. The students are also provided and encouraged to solve practice questions & quizzes provided at the end of each topic.

It is designed to teach Algebra using Vedic Sutras using methods that are fast & effective because they rely on mental calculations. In many of the techniques, answers are found in just one line! Vedic Math tricks can help you perform Algebraic operations 10-15 times faster than the usual methods. It provides more systematic, simplified, and faster techniques than the conventional system.

This course is a system of polynomial calculations which are simpler and more enjoyable than the equivalent algorithms of modern Algebra.


Topics Covered in the Course:

  • Dividing a polynomial by another without actually dividing
  • Multiplication of Polynomials using vertically and crosswise technique
  • Factorization of Quadratics
  • Factorization of cubic polynomials
  • Factorization of homogeneous expressions of the second degree
  • Solving Quadratics by calculus and many other special techniques
  • Solving system of Simultaneous Linear Equations
  • Solving Simple Equations (First Principles)
  • Solving many types of Simple Equations using Sunyam Samya Samuccaya Technique


Vedic Mathematics converts a tedious subject Algebra into a playful and blissful one that anyone can learn with a smile. It has unique and effective benefits that make it an easy choice for learners to adopt. The ease and simplicity of Vedic Mathematics mean that calculations can be carried out mentally. Vedic Maths is very effective and at the same time, it is easy to learn. It increases speed and accuracy.

Vedic Math Techniques/Sutras have the math tricks for fast calculation and can be used in exams like SAT, GMAT, GRE, CAT, CET, SAT, Banking Exams, etc.


What Are The Requirements Or Prerequisites For Taking This Course?

Basic Knowledge of Algebra (middle school level)


Here's What Some Students Say About The Course

  • "Excellent course, I can't imagine there are alternative methods to solve Algebra problems. I am enjoying the course and learning the new fastest tricks" - Goya Hackers
  • "Awesome! Amazing! I love this course... Thanks a lot, teacher Ruchi!" - José Antonio Hernández-Gutiérrez
  • "It is a must have course for everyone irrespective of their field of study. The vedic techniques explained in this course are very good. Just it needs a little bit of practice, then even many things like division of polynomial can also be done without writing on the paper. These tricks are not taught in school" - Ismeet Singh Saluja


Who Is This Course For?

  • Anyone who wants to learn Algebra with techniques to increase calculation speed using Vedic Math
  • Algebra students of all level
  • Anyone who wants to increase the speed of Algebra by many times
  • Anyone who is interested in Mental methods of india's ancient Vedic Math Techniques
  • Aspirants of GMAT/SAT/GRE/CAT/Math Olympiads/Banking/University Entrance looking for alternative methods to increase the speed of algebra


With this course you'll also get:

-Complete support for any question, clarification or difficulty you might face on the topic

-48 hours money-back guarantee (Only if course is not downloaded in these 48 hours)



Feel free to contact me with any questions or clarifications you might have.

I look forward to seeing you in the course! :)


This Math Course Is Taught By:

Ruchi Chhabra

20+ years of experience in teaching Mathematics & a strong record of countless students who have scored 90% and above in the subject and many who have scored 100%.

What You’ll Get With The Course

Video Lectures

Carefully designed and in-depth video lectures


Multiple assignments, practice questions & quizzes


Complete support for any questions or clarifications


Certificate of completion at the end of the course

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