Multiplication Tables up to 1000-Mentally (Vedic Math)
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Multiplication Tables Up To 1000 (Vedic Math)

Super-Fast Techniques of Vedic Mathematics to calculate Multiplication Tables up to 1000 mentally

Instructor: Ruchi ChhabraLanguage: English

About The Course

Course Description

Learning multiplication tables is really important. Without Multiplication tables, Math becomes quite difficult to understand. This is the reason children are made to learn Times Tables in their early classes. How well the child learns the multiplication tables has a direct effect on how they learn and make progress in Math.

This course teaches two of the fastest Vedic Math techniques to calculate Times Tables up to 1000 - Mentally, without any calculator.

These techniques can result in more concentration, strengthen your calculation power, and also help to build up your interest in Mathematics. They are very easy to remember and anyone with the knowledge of multiplication tables up to 9 can use them.


What will students learn in this course?

  • Super-fast Techniques of writing Times Tables up to 999 mentally
  • Formulation of Multiplication Tables From 1 To 1000 by another similar technique
  • Perform mental calculations many times faster, without the help of calculators or pen and paper
  • Develop higher concentration and decrease the chances of errors in your calculations
  • Techniques that easily become a part of your everyday calculations


What are the requirements or prerequisites for taking your course?

Knowledge of Times Tables from 1 to 9


Who is this course for?

  • Anyone who wants to calculate Multiplication Tables mentally
  • Teachers and Parents, to help them change the way their children approach Math
  • Those who want to build an aptitude for Mathematics or numbers
  • Students preparing for GRE, GMAT, SAT, CAT, Banking, or any other competitive exams



With this course you'll also get:

-Complete support for any question, clarification or difficulty you might face on the topic

-48 hours money-back guarantee (Only if course is not downloaded in these 48 hours)



Feel free to contact me with any questions or clarifications you might have.

I look forward to seeing you in the course! :)


This Math Course Is Taught By:

Ruchi Chhabra

20+ years of experience in teaching Mathematics & a strong record of countless students who have scored 90% and above in the subject and many who have scored 100%.

What You’ll Get With The Course

Video Lectures

Carefully designed and in-depth video lectures


Multiple assignments, practice questions & quizzes


Complete support for any questions or clarifications


Certificate of completion at the end of the course

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