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Best Techniques to Speed Up Your Mathematics (Mental Math)

Super-charge your mathematics calculations (without using a calculator) with Mental & Vedic Math Techniques

Instructor: Ruchi ChhabraLanguage: English

About The Course

Course Description

The quantitative section is an essential part of most competitive exams. A lot of times, calculators are not permitted during them and even if they are permitted, a lot of time is wasted while typing the numbers on them. This course teaches you techniques by which, just by observing the question, you will be able to find the right answer. It can help you utilize that time for further questions since we have limited time during the exams.

It has 61+ lectures spanning 8+ hours of on-demand videos that are divided into 18 sections. Each topic is explained extensively - by solving multiple questions along with the student during the lectures. The students are also provided and encouraged to solve practice questions & quizzes provided at the end of each topic.


Techniques covered in the course:

  • Addition by Dropping Ten’s method
  • Addition by Grouping method
  • L-R Addition (world’s fastest technique to add any digit numbers)
  • Subtraction (using the world’s fastest technique)
  • Left to Right Subtraction using Nikhilam Sutra
  • Multiplying any digit number by 11, 22 and 33
  • Finding remainder when any big digit number is divided by 9 without actually dividing
  • Multiplying any digit number by 9; 99; 999; 9999999 etc.
  • Multiplying two large numbers of the same digits below the base 1000; 10000; 100000 etc.
  • Multiplying two numbers of the same digits above the base 1000; 10000; 100000 etc.
  • Multiplication of numbers (one above the base and the other less than the base)
  • Vertically and Crosswise Techniques of multiplication
  • Multiplying any digit number by 5, 25, and 125 within 2 seconds
  • Division by 9 with super easy techniques
  • Division by Nikhilam Sutra of Vedic Maths
  • Straight Division by Vedic Math
  • Squaring numbers that end in 5 (faster than the calculator)
  • Squaring any two/ three-digit number
  • Finding cubes of numbers
  • Fastest methods of finding square roots of perfect square numbers
  • Finding the approximate value of Square roots of non-perfect square numbers
  • Fastest methods of finding cube roots of perfect cube numbers
  • Finding the approximate value of cube roots of nonperfect cube numbers
  • ‘Digital Sum’ technique
  • Finding Day of the week


What are the requirements or prerequisites?

  • Knowledge of Mathematics up to 5th grade
  • Knowledge of the Multiplication Tables up to 9


Who is this course for?

  • GMAT, GRE, CAT, Math Olympiad, Banking Exams and University entrance exams students looking to increase their calculation power with the help of Vedic Math shortcuts
  • Anyone who wants to learn to do calculations without a calculator
  • Middle school and High school students who want to perform calculations many times faster
  • Anyone who wants to increase their concentration


Feel free to contact me with any questions or clarifications you might have.

I look forward to seeing you in the course! :)


This Math Course Is Taught By:

Ruchi Chhabra

20+ years of experience in teaching Mathematics & a strong record of countless students who have scored 90% and above in the subject and many who have scored 100%.

What You’ll Get With The Course

Video Lectures

Carefully designed and in-depth video lectures


Multiple assignments, practice questions & quizzes


Complete support for any questions or clarifications


Certificate of completion at the end of the course

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